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This page provides useful information for our exhibitors.

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Arena and Warm-up Footing

Grand Prix Ring - Silica/Sand
Grand Prix Warm-up - Sand mix
Main Hunter Ring - Sand mix
Main Hunter Warm-up - Sand mix
All other rings - Grass

Prize List Corrections

Short Stirrup Horses under saddle class is 525 not 515
Short Stirrup Ponies under saddle class is 526 not 516
WSHJA 2'6" Medal Class is 524 not 514
Evergreen Team Competition class number is 205 not 209
Pre Adult/Pre Childrens Classic class number is 527 not 513

Golf Carts

To reserve and rent a golf cart, please contact Northwest Yamaha Golf Carts:

Hay/Feed Deliveries

Rocking "E" Feeds in Duvall will make hay and feed deliveries to the showgrounds. Call them at 425-788-7610 to order what you need.